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As a suggestion for the improvement of the app, would it be possible to have 2 levels of Alert.
i.e. I have critical devices which are needed for core services for the network (switches, power supplies etc..)

and I have important devices that should be highlighted if offline, (media players, phone extensions etc..)


It would be nice to be able to set these differently with one showing in immediate alert, and the other just being highlighted in the daily report and in the dashboard.


Thank you,

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Thank you for the suggestion. We will definitely consider it.


Partially related to this, we are working at a new Dashboard that would allow you to create different groups of devices (even across multiple network), so for instance, going to the dashboard you will be able to see the two group separately, with all the even occurred. This  is still few months away, but we hope it will help a lot our users, expecially those managing a lot of networks.

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