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Streaming Services - Not working when agent enabled


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Hi all,


I was looking for a monitoring service for my clients and came across Domotz.  Looked good, especially since it runs on Synology as my clients and I all have one.  I installed the agent on my home Synology as a test as I also installed some client test sites.  Everything was looking good until my home Netflix and Amazon no longer worked.  Some devices wouldn't allow me to access the service (vague Internet issue warnings) or some would connect but I'd get no thumbnail graphics and nothing would play (again, vague Internet connection warnings).   As soon as I disabled the Domotz agent on my NAS everything once again worked fine.  I'm running an old Sonicwall firewall but could not see anything specific in the logs, perhaps an occasional malformed packet log but nothing persistent.  This would be an issue for my clients and would prevent me moving forward with Domotz as a solution.  Has anyone seen this behavior previously or would anyone perhaps know a way to prevent this from happening?

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Hi Burg,

this look very strange. Domotz usually take very little cpu, and traffic is minimal, while there is some RAM usage, but I have never heard of similar issues. There are really a lot of domotz users on Synology and would be useful to know if other users have noticed anything similar.

In the meantime I would recommend to send an email to support and give them as many details as possible, and the model of Synology you are using. 

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