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List of Supported Devices for Configuration Management

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[Last updated April 2021]


This is an entirely new capability offered by Domotz. We will add more and more devices to the following list for which Domotz offers the possibility to:

  • automatically back-up configuration
  • manually back-up specific configuration
  • compare across different versions
  • getting alerted if something changes
  • getting notified if running configuration is different from the saved one
  • restore previous saved configuration
  • upload and update the device with a new configuration


The following is the current list of supported devices for those capabilities:




Model #s Tested

Model #s Tested







IOS Series:

  • Catalyst 2960
  • Catalyst 3560
  • Catalyst 3650
  • Catalyst 3750
  • In order to unlock this functionality, it requires an SSH user (with privilege 15)


  • SCP module should be enabled:

            ip scp server enable


  • In order to benefit the auto-rollback on error capability, the "archive" functionality should be enabled: 
path flash:archive





SG Series

  • SSH and SNMP enabled.


  • admin account with privilege level 15.


  • The following lines in the configuration file:

             - ip ssh password-auth   (mandatory)

             - no logging console (recommended) 





  • XMS
  • AMS
  • SMBStaX
  • SSH and SNMP enabled.
  • admin account with privilege level 15.





  • Juniper OS
  • SSH and SCP should be enabled..
  • User must be super-admin or capable of restoring configuration.





  • Fireware OS
  • HTTPS (port 8080) is needed for recognition
  • SSH and TFTP enabled
  • Max configuration file size 5MB
  • (warning) We recommend having a separate ssh user for this feature since only 1 session per user is allowed at a time (warning)
  • (warning) A firewall rule must allow TFTP traffic from the Domotz agent host to the WatchGuard firewall





  • FortiOS
  • SSH and TFTP services enabled
  • Max configuration file size set to 5MB
  • A firewall rule must allow TFTP traffic from the Domotz agent host to the FortiGate device:


  • The following output configuration is needed for the correct interpretation of its configuration, through the FortiGate's CLI run the following (it removes the pause between output data):

# config system console
    set output standard

Note: Hash for passwords and other encrypted data may be shown as diff when comparing configurations even if the password is the same:








Few screenshots related to the Device Configuration Management:


Automatic and Manual Backup - Domotz automatically backup the configuration of the device and shows the history of the last configuration files. The backup is executed every 6 hours, and a new version is only saved (and showed) if it differs from the previous version.


Moreover, Domotz allows the manual backup of the configuration file. A new version is created, regardless if it differs or not from the previous saved version:


Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 12.56.42 PM.png


Through the same interface, it is possible to upload a new configuration file (which can then be applied to the device). Moreover, each saved configuration file can be locally downloaded.


Finally, user is also notified if there is a misalignment between the running and the startup (flash / bootflash) configuration.


Compare and Restore Configuration Files - Domotz allows the user to compare different saved versions of configuration files, and to restore a previously saved one:


Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 12.56.53 PM.png

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