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WeMo Light Switch does not show Config tab


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The control is intended for Wemo power plug switches (e.g. the WeMo Insight one). At the moment we are not supporting yet the Lights, but only Smart Power Plugs. The primary intent of Domotz is to Monitor and troubleshoot issues related to home devices: switch on/off of lights is not in the primary scope, though it's something interesting to look at in the future.


Smart Power Plugs, on the other hand, are really useful for example to restart devices from remote (power cycle). 

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I do realize that you are not making a home automation gateway.


What I am saying is that I actually have a network device being switched on/off by a wall switch. It is a regular wall switch, but it could have been a WeMo Light Switch.


This type of application is within the scope of Domotz.

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