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Integration with Apple OSX?

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The Domotz R&D team is working on what we call "Custom Plug-In". Basically a way to write custom drivers to extract information out of any devices, based on basic protocols (telnet, ssh, http, plain tcp, etc), and with the logic of your choice. We are aiming to release this functionality in few months. At that point, you will be basically able to write a simple script to SSH into the Apple OSX device to extract the information using the logic you prefer.


At the moment, the only solution for doing that is through SNMP (as you mentioned). 

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Thanks for the quick response and very exciting news on the "Custom Plug-In" feature. We will be anticipating that never much! One request regarding the SSH plug-in; if you can have it support shared keys so we can initiate a password-less ssh session?!


Thanks again

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