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Daily Alerts Incomplete


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I'm new to this, but surprisingly the Daily Alerts Digest does not include when the network connection to the Domotz Agent is lost. I get a notification the connection is lost and when it reconnects, but the Digest doesn't track this. I can't see any place to select what events are collected. Seems like a major issue if this isn't tracked IMO. Am I missing something?


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Mark,

the Dailty Alerts Digest is sent instead of real time email notification.

If you have configured emal alerts for network connection up/down, this will be added to your Digest. But if you have not configured email alerts, they will not be included.


For instance suppose that you have configured email alerts for network connections/up-down:

- If Digest is disabled: you will receive an email alerts as soon as the system detect the problem

- if Digest is enabled and configured to "one per day": it will send a single email per day with the recap of all email alerts you have configured. 

- if Digest if enabled and configured on a "time window": all email  notifications and alerts retrieved during the configured time are collected and sent at the end of the time window, while the rest are sent real time. This last option is particularly useful for some businesses that want every morning a recap of alerts received overnight, while want to have real-time notifications during the day.


But in any case, the Digest only display those alerts that you have configured.

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