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Domotz Agent version


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In the dashboard under licence I can see the installed version on the Domotz Agent, however how I can known which version is the correct/latest?

Under "Download Agent" there is no mention of the version neither of the installer or of the agent itself.

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We push out updates on a regular basis and you've most likely received a few without even knowing about it. 

Once in a while, we'll release a new package when there are major new features that we simply can't push out as an update and the currently, unannounced user portal is home to the latest package. So if you log in here https://portal.domotz.com you can download the latest package. We will be displaying the version number there in the future, we just haven't had a chance to do it yet. You can also see the version you're currently on, as soon as you log in.


That said, we're not planning on releasing new packages too often, as most of the updates will simply be pushed out as and when they're done/needed. As such, we don't have a traditional software versioning system, as it's possible that we'll have different versions on different devices due to this rather fluid nature of things.


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