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Sonos:AMP (2018) Integration


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Dear All,


Are there any plans In the 2020 DevOps roadmap to integrate the ability to manage the WiFi on the 2018 model Sonos:AMP in the Domotz app?


When creating a custom connection and calling the RESTful API (http://<sonos_ip>:1400/wifictrl?wifi=persist-off) the 2018 amp responds with and instruction to turn off the WiFi via the Sonos app. Tried doing this via a VPN And the Sonos app -  no joy.


Kind Regards,



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Hi Jonnyh247,


thanks for posting this. 


We actually supported that specific "legacy" API to switch off WiFi through Domotz. We had to remove that option, when Sonos dismissed the support of that API.


However, Sonos team is working on the development of new API which will allow Domotz to re-introduce that feature directly in the Domotz UI. Our hope is that they will give us access to that soon.


Thanks for your patience,


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