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Duplicate/Overwritten Hostnames by two specific hosts


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Hey there, I'm finding that hostnames for previously known devices are getting overwritten by one or two specific mac based hosts, these two devices have lots of outdated previously used Ip address's as well.  I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen this before.    I have not yet been able to physically visit the job site to verify ip conflicts etc. given the Covid SIP order, but wanted to pull any info I could ahead of trying to troubleshoot remotely.

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@Trevalyan My experience (currently 15 sites being monitored) is that this situation is quite common. Reliability of the Domotz network scanning over time and how it copes with re-use of device names/ip addresses definitley seems to be an issue. It seems to get particularly confused where a Bonjour name and Zerconf name are present for an IP. Then the device on that IP changes to something not presenting a Bonjour name, but Domotz names the device on the basis of the previous one...


I've had situations where an Amazon Echo dot shown in Domotz as the users iMac because of that..... or vice versa.

I presume its a caching problem somewhere.


Adraid, i dont have a fix but have learned to cope by;

- Allocating any fixed device (all infrastructure plus desktop computers) a reserved IP - to minimise the IP address churn and to make the network better organised. On larger sites we quite often segregate end user devices onto their own VLAN.

- Leaving adhoc DHCP allocation to customer mobile devices only.

- Doing  a bit of detective work by looking at the router DHCP log (if its handling DHCP) or the DHCP server itself to manually research and rename devices correctly.


We mostly deploy Draytek Vigor 28xx and 29xx routers and their DHCP table can be quite useful working out what is what.

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