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Explore Domotz API with Postman

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Postman can be used to test any REST API, it is an easy-to-use client with powerful features.


You can use it to create a collection of methods for calling the Domotz API.


Once started, just click into the 'Import' button and choose 'Link' then insert the following URL:

https://api-us-east-1-cell-1.domotz.com/public-api/v1/meta/open-api-definition (or https://api-eu-west-1-cell-1.domotz.com/public-api/v1/meta/open-api-definition if you are not located in North America).


A new 'Domotz Public API' collection will be created: for using it you need your API key.


My suggestion is to create a new variable (right-click on 'Domotz Public API'->Edit->Variables), let's call it 'api_key', and use a reference to it - ${{api_key}} - in the rest of the collection.


You'll need to copy ${{api_key}} as the value of the header 'X-API-Key' in all the methods you want to use: once finished you can save your collection so that you can test it with different API keys by just change the variable value.



Create Variable.png

reference variable.png

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@iacopo Thanks for this - Postman has been working out well thus far for testing.  Curious about creating multiple SNMP eyes to a single device from Postman.


I can currently post a single eye without issue but wondering if creating multiple eyes on a single devices can be done with something like this in the Body of the POST?

  "category": "OTHER",
  "name": "snmptest",
  "oid": "",
  "value_type": "STRING"
  "category": "OTHER",
  "name": "snmptest2",
  "oid": "",
  "value_type": "STRING"
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