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Feedback regarding Alerts


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Here is some feedback regarding Alerts.


  • Done Button is missing in the pull down menu in the Alerts Configurator
  • If no name is given, or if the name is lost, only the MAC address is shown. I suggest to include the location.
  • I suggest to open the device details view when clicking the device name; from there, Alerts can also be configured.
  • It would be nice to indicate in the device icon whether alerts have been configured for the device. More specifically, an outline could indicate alerts has been configured; a full indicator could show alerts for the device have occurred
  • After an alert, the app icon shows a badge with value 1; this value never changes
  • after opening the app, it is not clear which app caused an alert
  • device alerts are not recorded in the device history
  • the e-mail notification only gives a name; if the name is not present (bonjour seems to loose it) only a MAC address is included making it very difficult to know which device is affected; how about including more information in the e-mail like device type, location?
  • How about including a link to the portal; preferably opening the device details (after login)?


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1 hour ago, Automate said:

In addition to the device alerts, it would be nice to have some network wide alerts such as whenever a new device is seen on the network for the very first time.


This is something which is in our list for a long time, and it is probably the first alert, transversal to devices, which will be implemented.


Other transversal alerts I can immagine, might be:

- change of public IP of the network

- check on the speed test

- change on the DHCP, DNS servers (or a check on the status of it)

- etc

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