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Device shows offline when not


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I have a Synology DiskStation on my own network which is showing offline, but it is active - I can ping it, and am logged in to the Web interface.


It shows two events in the Domotz logs - a "Went Up" event at 03.16 and a "Went Down" event at 06.29. At that time (06.29), it did restart to apply an OS upgrade.


What do I need to do to bring it back online in Domotz?

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this is quite strange. Domotz Agent, if still active should immediately report the device for its status. Can you please check if by any means the Synology NAS has a dual network interface, with different MAC address, and when it went back online it registered with a different MAC address?


We would recommend to follow-up with support. 

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It has a bonded dual interface. You appear to be correct - the MAC address showing in Domotz is not the one the device's information page shows. It looks like Domotz is selecting the incorrect one. 


Oddly, I rebooted it, and as it was going down, the interface in Domotz came back online - then showed offline again when it had restarted.


Thanks for your feedback. I'll raise a ticket.




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