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Why DOMOTZ is NOT the right solution for the AV industry


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I'm writing this out of frustration, because i really want to use DOMOTZ, but we cant.

We are an AV firm out of NYC, we do around $250k a year with crestron, so we arent small.


Until domotz can do these things then its not for us:

  • make it easier to reboot things, currently it takes several taps to get to what we want to reboot. Instead you should make a TILE on the front page that lets you get to all your rebootable devices quickly, and on that note, since you can also reboot POE devices, make a filter that shows just 120v, just POE, and all together.
  • schedule reboots of PDU outlets and of POE ports (without scripting, we are paying monthly and yearly for this service, and we arent going to install a 2nd device on each site to script these things)
  • an easier client side app that just lets clients reboot things based on what we allow them to, and in groups. So the client see a few buttons like "Reboot Cable" "Reboot Crestron" Reboot Network" but behind the scenes those are actually macros that reboot several things at once (this is one of the most important features and is the MAIN deal breaker for why we cant use this, compared to say, OVRC)
  • A reboot log, this may already exist but i cant find it. If i reboot something, i want to see a log that it was done, and which user initiated it


We bought a few DOMOTOZ units from crestron with a year of service and we are so disappointed with them.

1 at my personal system and 2 at 2 different large clients. They are useless to us.


We currently use OVRC with Wattboxes, and we arent a huge fan of the hardware and are looknig to get away.

The problem is the OVRC app is significanly more useful for the AV industry. DOMOTZ has the ability to replace OVRC for us, but so far every request we ever made has been met with a version of "we might get to this eventually maybe"


I hope this helps other AV companies out there, and I hope DOMOTZ listens to this feedback if they really want to be useful to us.

I'm posting this in a few different places ,and i already let the head of residential systems at crestron know our feelings about DOMOTOZ.



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Hello Motech,  I apologize for my late response to your comments here.  As one of the product owners at Domotz, we always appreciate productive feedback.  Your four bullet points are clearly around the User Interface and Rebooting of devices.  We are continuing to invest time into the Domotz Dashboard and our team is currently building out the infrastructure to make these changes.   Our current plan is to have a complete overhaul of our UI by the end of the year.


Addressing a few of your comments specifically;

1) There are multiple ways of rebooting devices in our UI, whether through the PDU/Managed Switch device page, or the device itself.  I agree that elevating power management to a tile is a good way to simplify the UI further.

2) Please note that our APIs are cloud-based and therefore you can leverage a PC in your office to control all you clients.   There is no need for an onsite device to run the APIs and scripts. I'd like to better understand your need for scheduled reboots more.   Unless there are fundamental issues with a device, there should not be a need to reboot a device on a regular basis.  Maybe I am missing something in your set-up and services that could help me better realize the need for this.

3) Regarding the client facing app, we have found that many people did not leverage Violet version 1 or version 2 that we developed, therefore we chose to minimize the development efforts associated with this.   That said, it is on our roadmap to create these macro behaviors that you're suggesting here.   We have found, especially with Crestron, that dealers leverage the Domotz APIs to build out macros in control system interface.  I'd like to better understand some of the needs when you say "reboot network" or "reboot Crestron".  If you have more details on what is means to reboot Crestron, we can get a better idea of how we can help.

4) Under the reports and logging tile, you can see when a device was rebooted and who initiated that action.  This capability has been there for several years now.  I'd be happy to walk you through this on a zoom meeting if that would help.


Domotz is primarily a monitoring tool and service for secure, remote connectivity to network based systems.  Rebooting of devices is actually a secondary aspect of the service that we provide, as many people recognize power cycling as a management method. Our team has done a great job making sure that we work with many different major manufacturers to provide a common UI across different PDUs and managed switches to ensure this secondary functionality is possible.


Have you reached out to our team directly with your feedback?   Given the anonymity of forums, I'm not sure if we have personally spoken about some of your concerns.  I'd be happy to have a call with you so you can expand on some of these points you are making and allow you to articulate why your findings about Domotz are negative.  I'll also get with the head of residential systems at Crestron to better understand the feedback he is getting regarding Domotz and the Crestron platforms to find out how we can improve.  Let's set up a time together to discuss this.  Feel free to reach out to me directly with times you are available, if it makes sense to have the Crestron team involved, we can invite them too.



J.B. Fowler





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JB, thanks for taking the time to talk to me.
I'm looking forward to hopefully using DOMOTZ again in the future, and will definitely keep my eye on it.

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