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Feedback for RasPi


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Feedback for the RasPi Knowledge Base:

1) Step 2 starts with "If you uses..." Probably was meant to be "If you are using..."

2) I recommend separating out the "Headless" install. There are extra steps needed for the browser one, such as "cd Downloads" that are not needed when headless. Another example is in step 3 the user would not need the status information because they should already know the IP (or hostname) that they connected to for the headless install.

3) The status portion has an easier command (as in shorter) "service domotz status" that is listed in the KB but in Step 4 NOT in Step 3 where the status is actually obtained (with the longer command).

Feedback for Agent 0.9.6-152:

1) After installing domotz agent the steps listed for starting it are not actually correct. It states "/etc/init.d/domotz start". Running that will get you lots of permission denied errors. It needs to be "sudo /etc/init.d/domotz start" as stated in the User Portal and KB.

2) The status portion has an easier command (as in shorter) "service domotz status" that is listed in the KB but in Step 4 NOT in Step 3 where the status is actually obtained (with the longer command). Same feedback as #3 for the KB.

3) Network Info page, Provider is blank. This leads to 2 things. The first is that the field could be configurable by the user. The second is that I have a public name that ends in rr.com (which is Roadrunner, a Time Warner Cable service in the United States), so that can be added to your records for future identification. The Public IP Address also can be resolved to identify this using https://db-ip.com/all/.

4) The Network Info page has a large gap at the top which makes the page able to be scrolled for some reason.

5) The Network Info page fields are not selectable. Thus I cannot copy and paste them to other pages if desired (which I was trying to do, thus found this).

6) For the Route Analysis Page, it might be nice to note somewhere that the default is a static IP assigned to Google. This way people do not need to wonder who they might be bouncing data off of.

7) On the Route Analysis Page, it lists "Packets Number" when it most likely means "Number of Packets".

8) Something I noticed in a posting from Lars makes me wonder... Does the agent auto-update? If so... how do I disable that? Especially during a Beta I would like to have to actively note which version of the software I am using so I can provide proper feedback. Plus, what if I did not WANT regular updates (I want them, but I want to know) or if I wanted to be notified (in the app) and then approve them for install?

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Bookmarked this list too.


About point 8.

You know we want to converge to a SaaS service "for the mass". So the idea is to constantly improve the service without. But, YES you are right. Because of this mindset (but also because of our rush) we have put little focus in providing clear updates as well as displaying version.

This might be useful for some, but definitely very important for beta testers. We will put more discipline on this, and - at least for release notes - we will start from the next release coming  within few days.


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Thanks. I totally agree that it is nice to keep something, especially a secure network monitoring tool, maintained at the latest version. Unfortunately experience has taught me that some people do not necessarily have that view or only after they are very satisfied with checking every little detail of a software version before upgrading. So while the majority will be happy with regular upgrades (in that most of that group even will be oblivious to them) there will be some holdouts that will need to be able to prevent it, until they can check/certify a new release.

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All the knowledge base content will updated later this month, after we release the next version of the apps, as a lot of things have changed in the past month and a half and needs to be updated accordingly.

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