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Panamax locked outlet control

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Just did a test to see what happens if you send a power off command to an outlet that is locked in Panamax BlueBolt setup.  Unfortunately, it turned the outlet off.  I was sure it would only take a power cycle command if the outlet was locked. 

This obviously poses a serious risk of accidentally shutting off any network component that Domotz (and/or Panamax) rely on to get to the WAN.  Can this be fixed so the outlet shows as locked in Domotz?



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Usually PDUs which allow to "lock" specific outlets, do block the commands at the backend level. However, it seems that the Panamax BlueBolt PDUs, only block from the "front-end" side. Anyway, we will look into this, so that Domotz can show (and therefore block actions) when a specific outlet is locked. We will follow-up on the support line.

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