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Wattbox PDU - Outlet Control not available

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I'm currently running a demo version of the Domotz system and trying to figure out why I don't see outlet control on my Wattbox IP PDU's (WB-250-IPW-2).  It works as expected on my APC PDU's, but not the Wattbox.   It sees the unit and I can HTTP in to the Wattbox browser, but no outlet controls are brought out to the main UI.


Suggestions?  It says it is supported and previous discussions mention controls being available.


Thanks for any suggestions.



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Hi Paul,


thanks for the interest in Domotz.


We have recently (last few days) introduced a regression/issue in the driver to identify and control Wattbox PDUs.


Our engineering tool tool is actively working on the resolution of this issue.  It should be fixed early next week.


Thanks for your patience 

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Thanks for the quick response!  Much appreciated.  Cool product!


Any discussions about creating group outlet control?  So I can provide a single button that can fire off a macro containing multiple strips/outlets.

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with regard to your last request, the Domotz UI already allow to associate multiple devices to a single Outlet. For instance in the following example I've two TV connected to the same outlet (through a multi strip) on Outlet 4. So I can control the power of them with 1 single button. I can connect more devices to the same Outlet.




I hope this addresses your request




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I'm thinking the other way around.  I'd like to build a Master Suite reboot from a single button.  This will reboot the TV on Strip 1/Outlet A, AppleTV on Strip 1/Outlet B, Crestron on Strip2/OutletA.  All from one button press.  Simplification that is more client/support accessible versus a tech that knows every individual device to reboot. 

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Hi @Paulg,


I just added this to our Customer Requests list, that might be something to be added in the future. Let us know if you have any other suggestion or need that Domotz might be able to help you.



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