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First off, not sure where this should go. I think a new category in the community might be useful to discuss the Web App as more people start to use it.

Anyways, on to the feedback (in order I stumbled on things, not necessarily logical):

1) The tiles should be oriented vertically like the smartphone app. You folks are doing a good job keeping things consistent so please stick with that ideology.

2) Nice quick response. I changed a device's information in the Web App and saw the changes show on my App within seconds.

3) The device icons still have the round background like the app but it appears to be a much lighter gray on the Web App and fades into the white background. I would prefer if it gets darkened a bit.

4) Got kicked out of the web app (back to login screen) due to a browser refresh. Refreshing the webpage really should not log me out.

5) Web app does not remember which Agent I was using last (unlike the phone app). This is a touch annoying as the first agent I have on my list has been dead for some time so I need to switch agents each time. But that part works fine.

6) Favorites do not seem to work in the Devices listing. I selected a device as a favorite in my phone app but it did not show up starred in my web app. Selecting it in the web app did not show it in the phone app.

7) Switching devices to Important also does not appear to be working properly, same as favorites.

8) Device Types selection icons are HUGE, or at least the white space around them is giant. The window displayed is far too big for the icons within it arranged in 3 columns.

9) On the Device Types selection window the icon backgrounds and the gray dividing lines between icons are both very faint gray (as mentioned in #3 above). They need to be much more visible.

10) The Device page lacks visible boundaries between areas on the page, like with the phone app. This does not even appear to be a case of the borders being too faint (like in #9 above), rather they do not appear to exist.

11) General Note (not specific to Web App). Not sure what constitutes a status change as I noticed my Router is listed as having had it's last status change 2 months ago. I know I have rebooted it since, including within the last week as new software was release for it that I rebooted it for.

12) Device Connect page appears to be missing it's graphic at the top of the page. There is a box like there should be a graphic though...

13) General Note (not specific to Web App). I noticed that the First Seen date/time for a device was listed as EDT... I would not recommend using that timezone or necessarily ANY timezone other than UTC. The reasoning (at least for EDT) is that time zone is also tied to Daylight Savings Time. That has now ended and my area is back on the EST timezone. Therefore EDT is currently invalid... Trust me, I hate daylight savings time stuff also... Which is why all my projects use UTC even if I do have to change it in my head.

14) Web App "Cannot find an available server..." for doing a Speed Test. Yet the Phone App found one almost instantly (which is a TOTALLY different server, in Vermont, than it has ever used before and one that definitely is not "nearer" than the one it used to use in Toronto).

15) The Web App did not retain the Speed Test information completed by the phone app in it's overall tiles section.

16) The titles for the web pages do not seem to get updated when moving back using the "Back" link on the page. For example I just went back to the main tiles page from the Network Health Analysis page and the title remained Network Health Analysis.

17) No titles exist (thus it remains whatever title was previously populated) for the "Important Devices", "Devices", "Collaboration", and "Give Domotz" tiles.

18) I did not see any copyright notice on the webpages anywhere... Might want to look into that. As a further note there is not even any listed in the source for the webpage.

19) Might want to restrict right-clicking on the webpages if you are concerned about people easily getting the source. It is simple enough to get it otherwise but for some users this would stop them, if you wanted to at least.

20) Ending on a good note! Impressed with the Web App so far. Also appreciate that it gets a nice green lock icon from Google Canary, meaning it is fairly secure (uses TLS, not SSL).

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Hi Fillibar

We have done almost NO work on the webapp. Our first design is for the mobile app. Then we made that available also for the web, but without making any specific code. We believe it was essential to start, even if UI was quick and dirty, so that people could start working even without mobile.

Please also note we are working a lot on the remote connectivity features (RDP, Telnet, SSH) that you will see soon in addition to the http ones. Definitely the web app is the ideal place for using them.

We are focusing the whole moth of december in bug fixing and quality improvement. This will be mostly for mobile app and backend mainly (including many points you have been raised). We will try and start also some webapp improvements. 

Definitely your list is the one where we will start from. Thank you!


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Created a specific sub-forum, just for you ;)


The tiles are vertical, if your browser window is vertical. It's dynamic, so they'll move around depending on your browser size.


Some of the colour issues you're seeing might be down to different panels in your LCD screen compared to your phone's screen, this is fairly common as phones tend to have higher quality screens, oddly enough. Have you tried the web app on your phone? But as pointed out by Silvio, this was done somewhat quickly to get something up and running and we're working on improving things.



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That explains the tiles. You were right about the LCD coloring. On the phone all that "invisible" gray is easy to see. I did run across two things:

1) The device type for my router was not populated this time. Not sure why not and did not check others at the moment.

2) The device type selection dialog will not populate. When selected I get a blank page with the upper bar, but no icons. It does not appear to be a placement or zoom issue. I used the Google Chrome Beta browser on an LG G3.

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  • 2 months later...

Using the Web App in my Home office: I selected the Devices option then the device I wished to obtain more info on.

I then selected the connect option, set the correct port Then the HTTP connection  but the following error was displayed.

400 Bad Request

Cross Site Action detected!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tried to invite  a Collaborator with the following error: Does not match an existing user  try with a different email.

What does that mean?


I tried this on both the Web App and the iOs app


P.S. I did get the Connect option to work on the remote device I wanted to remote into. Thanks.


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forgot to mention something
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The collaboration feature allow to share your network access with another user (that has to be a Domotz account).


This error simply  means that you are trying to invite someone by using an email that is not associated to any domotz account.


My personal use case for collaboration:

My wife wanted to see/access our network with Domotz. So I asked her to create an account (does not need for her to use a licence, or to install any agent, just needs e a domotz account). So I asked her to create an account, I invited her to collaborate, by setting there her email, she received an invitation and had to accept that invitation.

After accepted, she now can access domotz in our home, as a "guest". She can do pretty much the same I can do (except sharing it with other people!).  Of course being the owner, I  can remove her whenever I want. She is also able to remove her access (she has a button "I do not want to collaborate anymore")


By the way, agreed that the message is not clear. I will make it improved. Thanks!


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