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SNMP MiB Browsing and Search for OiD


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This is a new capability offered by Domotz (September 2020).


It is now possible to search for a specific OID by searching about a keyword within the available MIBs loaded within Domotz.


Domotz automatically scans on the network for all the devices that offer SNMP capabilities. When Domotz can read SNMP values out of a devices (SNMP version and authentication match between Domotz and the device), Domotz will identify all the possible MIBs available for that specific device.


The attached file is the current list of all available MIBs which can be searched through Domotz. We will add more and more MIBs to the following list. Please feel free to provide us with either public or private MIBs you would like to see available into Domotz. Just drop an email to support@domotz.com for this purpose.


For example, if a device supports one of the following MIBs, when adding SNMP monitoring through Domotz (EYEs), you will be able to search among all the possible values:








Updated list of supported MIBs [2021-10-12]: 






You can check for a practical usage of SNMP through Domotz in this Blog Post:


Guide to Server Room Temperature Monitoring using SNMP sensors 



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