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Conditional Alerting for Important Devices


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Hi guys, hope you're all staying safe and healthy!


I'm requesting conditional alerts for a device based on the status of another device.  Example:


Cisco SG350X switches in a stack will report the MAC address of the master switch.  If the master changes, we get an alert and the site shows yellow as though a device were down, even though the stack is still operational (just under a different MAC address).  We've needed to name each instance of the stack based on which switch is the master, but we always have at least one important device showing down which leads people to believe there's a problem with the site.


If we can set up a dependency so that we only get an alert when ALL of those devices go down that would eliminate this problem for us (maybe put all of the switches for the stack into a group and trigger an alert when the whole group is down).  Thinking even further along, a parent/child relationship would be helpful for reducing alerts when a switch fails or a power manager fails.  A single alert relating to the parent that notes which children are down is easier to manage than 50 alerts for individual devices.


Keep up the good work, we love you guys!



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we appreciate your recommendations and suggestions.


As a matter of fact, the following two features are on our roadmap, and they might address your needs:


1. Possibility to group "entities" in a single device: basically the possibility to tell the system that 2 or more MAC addresses belong to the physical device. This should address your first concern

2. Parent-child relationship for alerts: basically the possibility to configure the system so that if a "parent" goes down, you receive one single Alert.


Thanks for your continuous interest in Domotz and keeping suggestion coming.


Best regards,


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Any news on dependencys? 


Is it possible to create dependencys at the network topology? There are devices you are not allowed to manage, so a nice drag and drop solution to builing your own dependency would be nice, otherwiser the alerting is quite useless as i generates to much information.


Thanks and bye,


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