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OpenVPN connects but won't work


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I have upgraded to 19/month to be able to use this feature but looks like it doesn't work ?

I am in my home ( and I am connecting to site with Domotz sitting on Trunk

port with native VLAN2. Apart from that Domotz has access to all other VLAN on that trunk port (VLAN3, VLAN4 etc.).

I have tried pinging other devices on both VLAN2 and other vlans and nothing goes through.

Remote connection IP address that I am assigned from OpenVPN client is 


Domotz is able to see all VLANs and everything else works.


please advise.



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we would like to investigate this further. Can you please contact our Support (support@domotz.com) so that we can properly follow-up with an investigation.


Please also specify which of your Agents is affected by this issue and relevant information to perform an analysis.


Looking forward to hear you back,


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