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Issue with new agent


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I configured a new agent on network hardware (router/firewall, switching fabric, and network controller) locally that needed to be shipped to an installation location. Everything worked fine during the setup and the new agent showed up on the portal. I boxed up the gear and sent it to the site. A local installer put the gear in and plugged the Domotz box into the network. The network came on line and I am able to reach it over the internet. I can see the Domotz box has successfully connected to the local network. I can see it in the controller. It hasn't connected back to the portal however and I am at a loss. Can anyone give me a clue?


Thank you


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Hi @Sliversnake,


Please send the Domotz Box MAC Address to support@domotz.com, we will investigate at the cloud if the unit is online at least at the provisioning channel.


You can also send us the local logs that is on the Domotz Box memory RAM by accessing the unit on the following address:




Send us the output you will see at the browser.


Kind Regards, 


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