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Max File Size For Proxy?


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Ran into a snag when trying to update my router with new software... The proxy that the Domotz app is going through indicates the "entity" is too big. So, what is the max file size I can send to something through the proxy? The firmware in question is about 33MB which does not seem that big to me.

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The domotz proxy, when I selected to connect to my router within the app. It opens up the proxy in my browser, which works normally getting to my router until I attempt to upload the firmware file to it.

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Ah... ok... now I understand.


To be honest we haven't tried to upload big files through the Domotz Remote Connect functionality yet, so we didn't set any up-limit to that functionality. But I will double check and let you know, as soon as we have spare slots to perform some tests as well.


Just to make it clear the steps you performed(please correct me if I'm wrong):

You opened a Domotz Remote Connect to your Router, from outside your home. Therefore you land on a page, something like:


which is pointing to your home Router. Than you tried to upload a firmware file into the Router. 


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I cannot use the link but what you said is correct. I will try to remember to get a screenshot when I have a better connection.


Edit: Added screenshot...


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Added screenshot.
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