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Erroneous Network Down Alerts


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I am using Domotz Pro to monitor a church network.  It has been working great for several months.  I hae alerts setup on severl devices as well as for Connection Lost/Recovered.  For the last several days I have begun to get several alerts a day (3-4) for that are also reflected in the Downtime log under network performance.  


However, no staff working during those times have reported any problem and when I look at the logs on the Xfinity Business Router it shows the connection has been up for over 11 days so the alerts seem erroneous.  


Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?

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Usually this kind of events are related to a fault in the DNS server (not able to propagate the domain references to the Domotz cloud).


Can you please update the DNS on the device hosting the Domotz Agent and use either Google ( or CloudFlare ( DNS servers?


If the issue persist, please contact our support (support@domotz.com).



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