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Monitoring Raspberry Pis via SNMP


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Hi All,


Just finding my feet with Domotz - great product.


I have around 10 raspberry pis in a rack that I'd like to add some monitoring to. I have some of these in Domotz set up with basic uptime monitoring and I'm looking to also monitor overall health e.g. disk space, cpu load, memory utilisation etc. It looks like my route to achieving this is via SNMP. I was wandering if anyone had an SNMP config for this type of monitoring on a Pi that I could use as a base and any tips as to how to roll this out and maintain across the various raspberry pis.


What would the best approach be to achieving this?



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Hi @DJE,


Your are in the correct path to monitor your Raspberry Pi, using SNMP to achieve that.


You may add manually the following to the device Domotz Eyes (Go to the Webapp > Select the Agent > Devices List tile > Select your Raspberry Pi (or any Linux host) > Eyes tab):


  • CPU Load - Last 1 Minute - %
    • OID:
  • CPU Load - Last 5 Minutes - %
    • OID:
  • Total RAM Free
    • OID:
  • Total RAM in machine - kB
    • OID:
  • Percentage of space used on disk
    • OID:


And then configure the Alert triggers based on that. For example I have on own Pi's the following:


  • CPU Usage > 90% (CPU Load - Last 5 Minutes - %)
    • is greater than "90"
  • Total RAM Free < 1GB (Total RAM Free - kB)
    • is less than "1000000"
  • Used space on the disk > 80% (Percentage of space used on disk)
    • is greater than "80"


If you prefer I've created a template (See attachment) you might use with the Import Device Settings and Properties featureEach device has this option to import and export settings and properties (the SNMP OIDs and alert triggers included):



You may configure one of the Raspberry Pi's with all the OIDs and SNMP Triggers you want and then replicate it to the other Pi's.


Let me know if you need any further assistance.


Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support



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Thanks for this! That’s helpful.


I tried to import and I can see it is bringing in values properly and the alerts are triggering, but I tried to edit one of the alerts and I’m seeing odd behaviour in chrome Iand in the ios app - it looks broken..



IOS App:








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