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TCP Open Port Scan not working


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Hi there,


Never had this trouble before so I'm wondering if I've done something wrong? 


I recently installed an Agent on an Ubuntu 20.04 server. The agent reports in all the devices etc. however, when I attempt to turn on the TCP Open Port scanner, i get an error "Something has gone wrong, try again later". Tried a few times and it still shows the error. 


This is a vanilla install of Ubuntu other than Docker running (Agent installed as an application not a Container). No Firewall running (managed by an external device). 


I've most likely missed something some where but, I cannot think what. Can anyone provide any suggestions on what to check?

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it would be helpful if you can provide a screenshot of when you receive that error. Also, if possible logs from the console log of the browser.


Feel free to send that to support, so that we can follow-up from there. support@domotz.com




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