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PiVPN and Domotz agent


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I have a working installation on a RaspberryPI 3 with Domotz and PiVPN (openVPN server). All is working fine but I've noticed recently that Domotz is now discovering the tun0 interface associated with OpenVPN, which is on a different subnet to the main wlan0 interface. wlan0 is on and tun0 is on subnet.  Up until recently Domotz ignored the tun0 interface and only reported discovered devices on my WLAN. But since a few weeks backs the tun0 IP address( is now being discovered and reports this belonging to the the Domotz agent. 


The problem I have is that because tun0 is a virtual interface its MAC address changes quite frequently and so I'm now seeing on a daily basis a new interface being discovered and the previous one's now being marked as down. I therefore, have to remove the old interfaces on a regular basis.


I have not made any changes to my setup and so I can only assume that a recent Domotz agent update is causing this new behaviour. 


Could anyone advise on whether this is a bug with Domotz, or is there a file I can change so that only the main WLAN0 subnet is scanned?


 I have a subscription to the legacy Lite plan on my RaspberryPI as this is all I need for my requirements.







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HI @TonyC,


I'm checking internally what happened, but note that the Agent is suppose to monitor any available interface at the host, I assume the engineering team updated the way the agent discover interfaces. I will update this thread soon.


Henrique Salvador.

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Thanks Henrique, if this behaviour is expected can you find out if there is a way to disable monitoring of the tunnel interface?


Cheers, Tony

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