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Cannot see vlans on HP switch

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I have set up the agent on both a Windows server and a Raspberry Pi to test both to see which I would like to keep. On both devices, however, I can only see one VLAN and it's the one the port is assigned to.


I have multiple HP Aruba 2530s and an HP Aruba 5400 zl switch. I have read where the port needs to be trunked and I have tested this with the RasPi but it doesn't do anything. I tagged the port on all the VLANs we are looking to monitor but the device comes up offline. When I put the port back on to a vlan it comes online and can see that one vlan and that's it. What am I doing wrong here? Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @MauricioC,


I saw you contact our support regarding this as well. 


Only one VLAN has to be untagged, make sure the untagged VLAN is the one with access to the internet. The additional VLANs configure as tagged at the port where the host running the agent is connected to.


The Raspberry Pi has to be configured accordingly as well please use the guide we have at our Community (It was recently updated): 


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