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I'm trying to create one report in Power BI Desktop that shows the following info for our security team. How can I do this:


  • Hostname
  • IP Addresses
  • MAC addresses
  • Type (router, switch, server, et cetera)
  • TCP/UDP services along with ARP and ICMP info
  • OS (+version/build number)
  • List of applications installed per device
  • Basic Hardware information (physical/virtual, attached storage, cpu, NIC state, et cetera)
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Hi Alerts,


you can retrieve the informations about the Hostname, IP Addresses, MAC addresses, Type, and TCP/UDP services following these steps.


1. Import the listDeviceBaseTypes and listDevices (you must specify the agent id here):



2. you need to transform the imported list of devices in a table (clicking on the header) and then expand to columns (please, remember to click on "Load more" before expanding the columns)







3. you need to expand to column the fields "user_data", "type", and "names" (in the latter you find the names of each device: host, bonjour, upnp, dhcp, snmp, and inspection)






4. then you need to go in the section "Add Column" and click on "Custom Column" for the actual device type: 

= if [Column1.user_data.type] <> null then [Column1.user_data.type] else [Column1.type.id]


5. in the section "Home", under "Combine", select "Merge Queries": you need to select the listDeviceBaseTypes highlighting the newly added field and the field "id" specifying the Join Kind = Left Outer




6. finally you need to expand the listDeviceBaseTypes





To add the IP Addresses you need to do the "Extract Values..." on the field "ip_addresses" and then to eventually do the "Replace Errors" (I suggest with blank values)






TCP/UDP services can be retrieved by doing the "Expand to New Rows" to the field "ip_ports" and then expanding the result to columns (please, note that this will increase the cardinality of the table)





Finally, the MAC address of each device is in the column "hw_address".


For the other points of your request, at this time it is not possible to be retrieved in Power BI.


I hope this help.





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