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Synology Agent Down - Error Cannot start the package


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The Domotz agent was running but I noticed it was marking devices down which were not down.  So I thought I would restart Synology NAS.  NAS restarted OK but Domotz wasn't running.  Clicked the Run button and got error:


"Cannot start the package, contact Domotz support"


What now?

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Update:  The agent is running again, maybe I didn't wait long enough after the NAS reboot.


But I still have a device 38:94:ED:27:AA:05 which shows down but it's really up.


What happens is I get a Domotz alert first saying it's up, then 3 mins later an alert saying its down.  (I never get an initial alert saying its down - the first alert I get for it says it is up)


Maybe I should delete the device?

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