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Remote Desktop support on none Pro versions of Windows


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As hopefully most of you are aware, the latest version of the Domotz Agent supports RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), but if you're using Windows, this normally only works with Pro versions of Windows.

I found this https://github.com/binarymaster/rdpwrap and thought I'd share it here.

It's an RDP "wrapper" that enables RDP support on non Pro versions of Windows and might be something handy for those of you that want to use RDP, but don't have Windows Pro installed on your computer.

I haven't tested it myself, so I don't know how easy it is to use or how well it works.

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Please see attached for a ready compiled version of the RDP wrapper.


To install, unzip the file, run install.bat followed by update.bat.

You can then run RDPConf to make sure everything is working, all the text should be green.

If the included RDPCheck takes you to a Windows login screen, you should be able to use the RDP Wrapper with the Remote Desktop option under Connect in the Domotz mobile apps or web app.


Note: You might have to disable Allow Remote Assistance in Windows before the RDP wrapper allows RDP connections.


We can't guarantee that this works with all versions of Windows, but it's worth giving it a try if the version you have doesn't support Remote Desktop connectivity. 


We've tested on Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and have successfully made it work.



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Well done - worked perfectly on Windows 10 Home :D

On 12/13/2015 at 4:44 AM, Giancarlo said:

You can remotely connect to your MAC or Linux machines using Domotz if you install XRDP.


One example of configuration for Mac OSx is here:




And your Raspberry Pi

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So, you should only need to run this program once, right? And maybe run it for updates?


Help me to understand what is required on the PC you're trying to connect to, and then PC you are connecting with? Any permissions, settings, or firewalls need settings tweaked?


Also, what should you see in Domotz? Can someone give a screenshot?


This is what I see, and neither work:









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Ok, so I installed the software on both PC's, but I'm assuming that I misunderstood. I thought it especially needed to be installed on the "connecting from" PC, when it is the opposite, right?


I now see this:




Which is pretty cool!


I'm getting connection issues, but I'm on the same network as the PC I'm trying to connect to:




I'm not sure if that matters. I'll have to troubleshoot. Any ideas?




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