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Notification & Device Status Improvements


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We're big fans of Domotz and it's been great to see so many useful features added over the last couple of years. The development of the API is great for those with the expertise and resources to tailor their own solutions, but there are some improvements to the out of the box notifications and device statuses that would be a real help.


It's great to see that one of these, nested devices, is already on the roadmap. This will help reduce a lot of unnecessary notifications being generated simultaneously (NVR + cameras, network switch + connected devices etc).


There are 3 other suggestions that would make things a lot more useable:


  1. Flagging offline devices as known issues - The majority of our sites have at least one offline device awaiting a service visit to resolve. Depending on the distance to site, outstanding payments etc, these can hang around for a long time, meaning most of our sites are showing Issues/Yellow at any given time. This makes it very difficult to spot sites with new issues at a glance of the dashboard. Would be great if we could tag these devices so the site shows as Healthy/Green but with offline devices (or by some other means).
  2. Reduce recurrent alerts - We regularly receive multiple (sometimes 50+) alerts overnight from a single site in everyone's inbox because of an issue with a device that is alternating between online and offline. Would be great to have a way to limit the alerts generated within a specified timeframe because several times we have cleared these from our inbox and missed a unique notification in the process.
  3. Schedule Notification Delivery - We currently use 2 classifications for our alerts, Critical and Important, but they all currently generate real-time alerts 24/7. During business hours it's useful to know if the less important devices go down, but out of hours this generates a lot of alerts on sites that don't necessarily have service contracts covering this period. It would be great if we could configure shared alerts that only generate within specific time periods.





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Came here to mention points 1 and 2, but now I see that point 3 would also be helpful!


Sorry to mention a competitor, but Ihiji had a feature called 'notification zen' that would delay alerts for a specified period and if the issue self-resolved you would get 1 alert stating the device went down and up.  If the issue persisted past the specified threshold, you would get 1 alert after the delay period expired.  It was helpful, especially with flapping devices that decided to misbehave overnight.



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