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RasPi Domotz Agent Login via Command Line


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I know this is a fairly low-priority item but it would be useful for those of us with RasPis (and maybe others in structure).

The ability to get the Domotz agent to login without a web browser by allowing a command-line submission of email address and password.


We already are doing a number of steps to install (or upgrade) the agent in command line (regardless of whether it is headless or not). This would allow a person to just continue following steps (easily copied from the Domotz Portal's instructions) to complete the entire process. No other windows or browser needed. This would allow the steps to be more easily automated.


Related to this, if the Domotz agent can be downloaded the same every time (example, in the future you could always go to: wget <link_removed>, the entire process could be a single script and would never change IF someone wants the latest. Such a structure works for any of the releases (with different end file names) and could readily be altered for future betas that you might not want accessible to everyone (by making it .../agent_packages/betas/... and having user/password restrictions based on portal access). Then someone could actually LOGIN to get the beta software also easily added to the wget command.

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14 hours ago, Rudicircle said:

+1 on the ability to activate the agent through, say, SSH.


This would streamline initial installation a lot.


It should be possible with a little work. I'll check how, and I'll report back

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