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Ubiquiti Unifi AP remote pause-unpause via Violet APP


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is it possible to pause-unpause a late generation, say, UAP-AC-Pro AP of Ubiquiti via Violet app like it is done with Ruckus APs?


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Hi @HouseofGustoPro,


I just answered you at the support channel. For others members of the Community, any device that has an option to reboot or turn on and off (the device itself or via a PDU outlet or PoE port) is now controllable from the Violet app, so your customers can now reboot an AP or turn off cameras if desirable directly from the Violet app (our customer facing app).


If you have any trouble enabling Violet or with the device control please send a message to our support at this email: support@domotz.com. We will be there to assist you :)

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