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Domotz at CES 2016


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Looking forward to hearing what you folks will have there... since the blog posting does not tell much. This also prompted me to look at the main site. Interesting changes, but I am VERY curious about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign and the "Domotz Box". No mention in the forums about such things... C'mon folks, give your loyal users a bone now and then like letting us know something is coming up rather than letting us stumble on it.


Heck, I did not even know the beta had FINISHED (!) and that the Domotz was now open to everyone.

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Hi Fillibar,

We have been working over the last month focusing on the quality and a number of "invisible" features. Basically, we have been fixing a number of issues raised by you guys beta testers (and you personally!), but spent also a lot of efforts in making our cloud production quality, by improving redundancy, availability and security of our servers. Among the other invisible features we have been working: start preparing the box, making the software running on any ubuntu linux, improving the agent auto-updating capability (essential for making real production of our box and of raspberry pi plug&play). And a couple of other things that are being finalised and I hope to be able to announce within a couple of weeks at latest.

Moreover, we are moving our first steps to start getting noticed from a larger public. And our presence at CES is our first step.  This is the most challenging activity for us at the moment: unfortunately our big limitation is that is currently Domotz is a tool only available for people having a NAS, a raspberry PI which are not exactly the large public we wish to target. So our current initiatives are mainly oriented to target a bit larger audience, as well as starting removing barriers to its adoption (i.e. make more ways of getting the domotz agent running at home)...

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The community of early beta testers is essential to us and going forward it will be even more. As long as we will be enriching the tool with more specific and vertical integration and features your contribution will be essential. I hope we will be able to find always good ways of keeping you friends keen to play with our tool, interested, involved and possibly somehow rewarded for the help. Thanks again

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I'll be honest. I have never joined a beta test because I expected direct rewards. I joined them because (one or more):

1) It sounds interesting/useful to me.

2) It gave me the opportunity to check out some cool new things/features. This is why I have also backed WAY too many things on Kickstarter.

3) In most cases I can provide my absurd amounts of semi-solicited opinions... and someone might actually use them! I have always thought of myself as an idea person (I have TONS of projects and multiple hobbies around) but I always have trouble getting them done.

4) Some asks me nicely.


In some cases this work has led to actually receiving hardware to try out (at no cost to me!) which is cool, but has never been expected. Or long duration software licenses (I noticed that about the beta licenses, thanks Domotz!).


Some of the happiest (most engaging, fun, thought provoking) work I have ever done professionally was leading/managing a group that got to test new product concepts from other companies with our brand on them. We got to check them out to some extent for errors or problems but mostly it was to provide feedback and opinions. It was hectic, busy, stressful... and the most I have ever loved my job. This stuff is some of the closest I can come to that...


Now if only I could afford to start a company that does external Alpha/Beta and feedback for other companies.

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