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Traffic Generated by Domotz?


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Hi all,

Trying to size an appropriate cellular backhaul plan for a remote site and wondering how much traffic the Domotz unit will generate while sending daily telemetry (with Upstream/Downstream bandwidth testing turned off )

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Hi @NZRob,


The traffic consumed by the Domotz Agent is basically compound by:

- Monitoring activity
- Speed Test execution
- Remote connection

The traffic used for the monitoring activities, really depend on the size of the network. Just to give an idea:

  • A large network with 500 IP connected devices and 10 * 24-ports managed switches à Traffic generated about 30MB in a day
  • A medium network with 160 IP connected devices and 4 * 24-ports managed switches à Traffic generated about 13MB in a day
  • A small network with 30 IP connected devices and 1 * 24-ports managed switch à Traffic generated 0.5MB in a day

The traffic used by the Speed Test is the biggest part in most of the cases, and for this reason, automatic speed tests can be disabled at any time. Speed test is executed every 6 hours and the amount of data depends on the connection type. If you have a 100Mb connection, it could be 40-50 MB per test, so up to 200 MB in a day. Could be larger if you have larger bandwidth. I would recommend to just disable the speed test, if you pay per traffic.

The last part is the traffic used for remote connection (e.g. https tunnel) which will depend on what you do through Domotz, and you can monitor that into Domotz itself for the current month. For instance, if you do not perform any Remote Connection through Domotz, there will be no traffic.

Domotz Support

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