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Automatically Power Cycle IP Camera Devices on Failed PING Test

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At home, I've got a variety of ageing, generic (typically Chinese-built) Wi-Fi enabled IP Cameras, all monitored by Domotz.


Each camera is plugged into a consumer-grade (typically TP-Link and typically Alexa-enabled) WiFi-enabled power switch.


Intermittently, these cameras will lose their WiFi connectivity and require a reboot to reconnect to the network.


At the moment, I use the vendor app (say, TP-Link) or Alexa to reboot these cameras to reconnect them to the network.


However, I'm intrigued. Is there a way to use a Domotz alert to automate the rebooting of these devices? Perhaps a native feature in Domotz I'm unaware of, or a Domotz alert triggering a 3rd-party action (IFTTT?) to reboot the device?


Thoughts and guidance appreciated. 🙂


Richard Tubb

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Hi @tubblog,


We didn't implemented something that interacts with the devices in case of some events but you might take advantage of APIs to check some device status and reboot based on its status. Some of our customers used Node-RED to create a this kind of routine (check status and reboot if offline). 


Back in April we had a Webinar showing a way to automate SNMP set-ups using Node-RED, you might use this examples to automate camera reboots.


Another important note, we are currently working in a way that you can create your own scripts directly from Domotz webapp so you would be able to automate these actions directly from the Domotz pro webapp.


Let me know if you have any further questions!


Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support

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