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Alerts For New Device Discovery


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Could we have the option to choose which VLAN we want to be alerted for when a new device is discovered? This is a very handy feature but for some applications we do not need to know about the new devices discovered on each VLAN that is being scanned.

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Hey Mark,

Thank you for this post, it is useful to everyone.

You mention Device Discovery and that you would like to disable it for some Agents (you used VLAN but I suppose you simply mean the network of a customer). Please check the dedicated documentation on the matter here: https://help.domotz.com/user-guide/network-alerts/


This document contains detailed explanation on how to enable/disable the Personal Alerts (amongst which is the New Device Discovery).


Please have in mind that the Domotz Support Team is always ready to help at support@domotz.com

Thank you once again! Be safe! 

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I think you misunderstood. I want alerts on but for specific VLANs new device discovery. 


Example would be VLANs 1U, 2T, 3T, 4T. We only want new device discovery for 2T, 3T but not for 1U and 4T. 


The issue we are having is we are getting new device alerts for all VLANs which we do not necessarily need those alerts on all but just some. 



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