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Topology Map has misidentified an IP camera as a network switch. How to fix?


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First day of my 21 day trial.


Mostly very impressed with the automated simplicity of the Network Topology Map function.  However, it appears that the mapper has misidentified the topology of a network segment that is connected through an unmanaged switch.


The topology map appears to have "selected" one of 9 IP cameras connected through that unmanaged switch, and is interpreting that IP camera as a switch (and showing the other 8 cameras as connected "through" the miscategorized IP camera that Domotz thinks is a switch).


Is there a way to manually insert an unmanaged switch into the topology map, and re-map the links from the downstream devices?

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Yes. Normally if multiple devices are detected on a switchport you have an option of selecting the connected device or inserting an unmanaged switch/hub.  If it autoselected a device incorrectly you may need to first disassociate the connected device from the port then add the unmanaged device.

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