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Cannot Edit Device SSH Details


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Hello Domotz Community,


When I original configured some of our Ubiquiti Unifi devices in Domotz I set some (apparently incorrect) ssh credentials via Access Manager and I see this error in the Switch/AP logs ( is or Domotz Agent Box)


Sep  4 22:21:11 Core-SW-1 68d79a342be4,USW-Pro-Aggregation-va-dhcp-rate-drop+13316: dropbear[2767]: Login attempt for nonexistent user from


I looking to change the credentials, but I can no longer edit the SSH credentials via Access Manager though the Domotz Portal/Web UI; see screenshot.


Is this a known bug or am I missing something?

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 3.33.29 PM.png

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Hi Darnold


Due to the variety of Ubiquti products we've implemented several identification/integration strategies (one of which needs ssh access and is likely what you saw initially)


If you are no longer seeing the ssh credentials under the "credentials manager" then its likely a strategy with higher confidence is taking precedence and we no longer need the SSH credentials.


One such case would be with a unifi controller setup where we've attempted to identify the devices prior to the unifi controller service being setup in your domotz agent (device external services). Once the controller is correctly connected the individual devices (controlled by the controller) credentials are no longer needed


That being said, if you are still seeing login attempts even without it present in the "credentials manager" we need to investigate the exact use case and for that purpose its best to write to support@domotz.com where we can follow up better

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