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Domotz VLAN Issue


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I've recently installed a Domotz Box (B-12) on one of my networks, the Domotz box is connected to a managed switch of which all other devices are connected to, the switch manages VLANs (all other devices work fine).


When I install the Domotz, it gets an IP via DHCP fine, I can then set a fixed IP fine, and the Domotz scans the management network it's on fine (VLAN99 UNTAG, and I can see the various management network devices.


I then try to add a VLAN (let's say VLAN11 TAG), the network is flat, so it's also a subnet - at this point the VLAN is added, and Domotz shows the added VLAN and devices on that VLAN.


However, at some point thereafter, the Domotz app ONLY shows VLAN11, and all VLAN99 devices show as offline then - I also then cannot access the Domotz portal.


In order to regain access to the Domotz portal, I then need to disconnect and reconnect the Domotz network cable, at which point I can regain access to the Domotz portal however then only the management VLAN devices are shown, not all added VLANs.


I noticed there seemed to be some Ping of Death and Ping Flood reports on my switch and router after adding Domotz, I therefore disabled these protection functions, however no success still.


Is this a known issue? If so, is there any fix?

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Hello Tstit,


I hope you are in great health.


Everything you describe looks perfect, except you never mention trunk mode for the ports setup. We need not only the port that connects the Domotz Box to be in trunk mode, but also the rest of the ports used for VLANs. Check the following link to review the VLAN and Network Interface Configuration guide for more details: https://help.domotz.com/user-guide/vlan-network-interface-configuration/


Please make sure you have set the VLANs as network interfaces and enabled trunk mode. Always feel free to raise a service ticket at support@domotz.com if the Domotz Support Team assistance is needed.

Best regards,

Domotz Customer Support Team

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Hi @Nikolay, thanks for your response.


I believe I have followed the instructions as required?


I have a TP Link T1600G switch with Port 10 connected to the Domotz Box.


Port 10 has the following VLAN configuration:


PVID = 99 (this tags the non-tagged eth0.0 Domotz box management traffic as VLAN99 on ingress into the management VLAN when being transported in the network and untags on egress back to the Domotz.

VLAN99 (management) - UNTAGGED; ingress checking: enabled, acceptable frame types: admit all

VLAN11 - TAGGED; ingress checking: enabled, acceptable frame types: admit all

VLAN22 - TAGGED; ingress checking: enabled, acceptable frame types: admit all

VLAN33 - TAGGED; ingress checking: enabled, acceptable frame types: admit all


The TP Link switch does not have any trunk/ access modes, all ports are either "TAGGED" (equivalent to trunk) or "UNTAGGED" (equivalent to access).


When I add a VLAN now however:

  1. The Domotz box works fine to start, I can ping and use the GUI on
  2. I add a VLAN (say VLAN11)
  3. The Domotz box will then only respond to pings on (VLAN11), not (the management IP on VLAN99)
  4. All the devices from VLAN99 then show as offline in the app, with only VLAN11 online.
  5. I then add another VLAN interface.
  6. The Domotz box loses internet connection and reports as offline in the Domotz app.
  7. The Domotz box then only replies to pings and does not let me access the GUI.

The Domotz IP addresses are not DHCP, they are all fixed and reserved also.


I can ping the Domotz box, but cannot access the GUI on that IP (even with the :3000)


I can ping the Domotz box from other devices on the VLAN, but not access the GUI.


If I restart or reconnect the Domotz (e.g. disconnect and reconnect the network cable), this seems to resolve the issue temporarily, however I can then only see the devices on one of the VLANs displaying as online in the app, I have never seen multiple VLANs reporting as online in the app at once.


The VLAN functionality works fine for all devices in my network, just not the Domotz!

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