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RDP Sessions Drop (or timeout) periodically


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I am remotely accessing a Win 10 Pro desktop and the RPi that the Domotz agent is running on using the RDP connection option from the Web Portal.  


This seems to timeout after an unspecified time or perhaps the Guacamole server is having problems.  I can always reconnect, but I have to kill the pop-up browser window that the RDP session was running in and then re-launch it from the portal.


The specific pop-up error that displays is:



An internal error has occurred with the Guacamole server, and the connection has been terminated..  If the problem persists, please  notify your system administrator, or check your system logs."


There is a reconnect button on the pop-up error, but this does not work.


Where would I look in the logs to determine what is happening here?



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We have been testing it by watching even long videos and did not get disconnected. But yes there is a timeout triggered after long period of inactivity. Perhaps that timeout is too short. I will check with the developers and someone will get back to you more in details.

Thank you!

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Hi cfool,

unfortunately logs do not help in this case.

Can you confirm (or try to remind) if the connection error started appearing after 1 hour of connection with that desktop pc.

Actually we have disconnections after few minutes  of inactivity, but these should work with the reconnect button (please confirm). But after 1h we have an overall timeout that may require you to relaunch as you had to do.

Of course we wan improve this, just need to understand if this was your case. Thank you

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