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Rako RK-HUB Lighting Controller Bridge


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I have two of these at a client's home and one at my home, it is an ethernet bridge for the Rako lighting control system:



It has a web gui on port 80 that I cannot access via the Domotz remote connection - I can access it while on site and offsite if I use port forwarding but not through Domotz.

Using Domotz remote connection looks like the hub connects initially (ie I can see the splash screen and UI tabs) but none of the tabs are useable, I only get a pop up like this...




All other devices with a gui on port 80 work fine.

Has anybody else set up Rako & Domotz and got it working?

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One solution might be to try with the VPN on Demand. We created that solution, because some devices have a mechanism in place which do not allow the Remote Connection (through SSH/SSL tunneling).

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