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Having the Ability to Turn Off Listening

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So I love that this product does automatically add devices it finds and allows to monitor them and I wouldn't change that functionality, but I think there should be an option to turn it off. We have an agent at our office/showroom and we have new clients every day coming in that join our wireless and now get added to the ever-expanding list of offline devices. Having the ability to turn scanning off will reduce processing workload (regardless of how minimal) and still leaves you open for adding bulk items quickly later on. 

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You are right, that it is an always increasing list of offline devices. 

You can cancel any of them that you think is not anymore  in the house, but if a device comes back, it will reappear. I'll think about your suggestion.


For the time being I'd recommend to use the "important" as a way to keep watching only those you are most interested.


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