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Device Switch Port History


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Hello there,


it would be great to see a port connection history either in the device or interface page.


For example, in the device page you can see that the device is currently plugged into port 42, but had previously been into 27 some weeks ago.


On the interfaces page, when clicking on port 42, we can see that device PC161 is currently plugged in, but one week ago Laptop12 was plugged in.


why is this helpful?


if something is plugged into a switch port but is not active, then you can identify from the history what it was and make a decision about weather or not you can remove/replace it. 

if someone is complaining that their device is not working, you can look at the port history and see that they were previously in port 42, but now this is being used for something else, and therefore it’s likely been unplugged. 

many thanks,



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Hi @adamm,


Thanks for sharing this, we have actually a few other customers asking exactly for the same feature, I am adding your name to our internal list of Customer Feature Requests, we will let you know when this feature is released in the future. Having this port history is indeed a helpful resource to troubleshoot disconnections and make sure the device is connected back to the correct port.


If you have any other suggestions or questions do not hesitate to share it here or with our support team: support@domotz.com.


Henrique Salvador

Domotz Support

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