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Domotz Warranty


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I have two Domotz boxes that seem to keep freezing and then show as offline on our account. We unplug the power for a minute or so which gets them back online but a couple of days later they show offline again. Neither locations are particularly hot and cannot see any reason for it to happen. 


If you can advise how best to deal with this






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Hi Paul,

I am so sorry for the experienced inconvenience.

For future cases like this, please keep in mind to always count on the Domotz Support Team and send your query directly to support@domotz.com.

Please note that many factors can obstruct the communication between the Agent and the Cloud, so you need to make sure all requirements are met. DHCP and DNS issues are the most common.

Please share your Agent with the support team and let them investigate and offer you a solution.

I hope this is helpful. Have a lovely day!

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