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Re-Image RaspberryPI with Demozt Agent


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I need to re-image my RaspberryPI as I suspect the SD Card needs replacing. I also want to update from Rasbian Stretch to Buster. As this RaspberryPI is also running Domotz what is the procedure for moving the license to the re-imaged hardware? Do I simply re-install Domotz and as long as the MAC address is the same the Agent will be automatically activated in the Portal? Or, are there other steps I need to follow?

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Hi Tony,


as you stated, as far as the MAC address of the Raspberry Pi is the same, after having re-installed the Domotz Agent, when trying to configure it, you will be prompted with a "RESUME" option for the previous Domotz Agent.


If the MAC address has changed as well, please follow the instruction:




Do not activate if you are not prompted with a RESUME option.


Best regards,


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