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Other platforms that would be great to run domotz on


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I've noticed many platforms that would benefit from domotz running on them. I know you may think that it would interfere but i think it can do well (assuming it doesnt use too much RAM).


The edgerouter pro's CPU is fast enough to run 160Mb/s of squid proxy so it is plenty fast to run domotz and perform its main routing duties (especially if the user uses hardware acceleration). (as long as domotz is debian compatible it need only be compiled for 64 bit MIPS.

Many consumer routers currently have the ARM A7 and A9 chips would make a suitable platform and they have their own software repositories. I've read before that domotz does work on some random ARM A9 platforms that i currently own and the most popular chips used in routers currently are usually similar.

The qualcomm IPQ8064 is much better than the ARM A9 chips used in "premium" routers however there isnt many platforms out with it yet but it would run domotz much better than those CPUs do.


The only hardware that matters to me in performing networking is my main router which is a 36 core TILEgx router and my switch. Every other networking gear i have just has the CPU being wasted doing nothing. Unlike my raspberry pi both my edgerouter pro and CCR1036 RAM can be upgraded so memory isnt an issue but i doubt mikrotik would allow domotz on their routers, those many cores being wasted doing nothing. I have less of a problem with multiple networks now because even though my ISP is the gateway and performing NAT, as long as any traffic physically passes through my router i am able to hijack the gateway to my router to decide how to route it assuming domotz is able to detect devices on another subnet that is only being routed and not translated.


Ive read before that someone has managed to run domotz on the udoo board, i'd also like to try it on mine without giving up the raspberry pi 2 license.

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