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Network health analysis: speed test


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I am running agent v1.0.5 on Qnap .

I do speed test on android app or web app. Processes "ping, download speed , upload speed" is going ok ," done, done ,done" but no result is displayed either on web or adroid app

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We will investigate on this issue and get back to you.


Did you try to connect to the Web App directly on the QNAP Agent page (e.g. http://<QNAP_IP>:3000/) and execute the speed test there? Same result? 

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On 4/18/2016 at 1:46 PM, Kastytis said:

It does not show speed tesst today .. either automatic or manual ..on manual it goes through speed test process but with no result 



The speed test server (SUNET) went offline a couple of days ago. We did update the list of available servers, however in order to have the agent to pick the new "closest" server, you need to cleanup the cache file with the list of available servers.


We will release in few days a new version of the agent which manage automatically perform the cleanup of not-working servers. However in order for you to go on with the Speed Test, I'll send you instructions on how to manually remove that cache.

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