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Works' fine on a C.H.I.P


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Update, It looks like I may have some memory starvation going on.


C.H.I.P only has 512mb of ram and no swap, It looks like Domotz is chewing through ram fast.

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With old version of Raspberry Pi, or Raspberry Pi zero, or eventually a NAS with a small RAM (below 512 MB), it is  recommended to change the behavior of the Domotz Agent to run, let's say, slower but less resource eager.


Here you can find a post highlighting the changes recommended:


Basically, what you need to do is editing the following Domotz Agent configuration files:


Set the following variable:
nmap_max_processes: 1



Set the following variable:



Set the following variable:

Moreover, it is also recommended to mount part of the SD as swap area.


Just restart the Domotz Agent, and it should run just fine.


Let us know.





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