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SNMP no Data upload


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Hi tech lords i want to ask on how can i monitor my Nas on VM using domotz SNMP. i don't know what was wrong with my setup but this what is showing on my end 



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Hi there, 


Thanks for your query I hope you are doing great.


Please feel free to email support@domotz.com and raise a service ticket with our support team. 


Additionally, keep in mind that the SNMP service is stopped by default. Go to your ESXi host -> Configure -> Services -> SNMP Server. Start it. Enable SSH access on the ESXi host and connect to it using any ssh client (I'm using Windows 10 built-in SSH client).

Finally, check the version of the NAS and see if you can update it.

I hope you manage it and keep in mind that the Domotz Support Team is always an email away.

Have a lovely February ahead!

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